Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pike Place Market

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This is what I wore when I went to Seattle a few weeks ago. My friend and I decided to more thoroughly explore Pike Place Market as I hadn't really done so previously due to my tendency to avoid crowds. But I now officially have two favorite shops in that area - Antiques at Pike Place and Left Bank Books.

The antique store is pretty large and has an amazing selection of items. I saw innumerable things that I loved, from vintage dresses and sunglasses to vintage books. I was especially interested in a set of F.Scott Fitzgerald books from the 1950's, which I sadly had to pass up, but I will definitely be doing some more through shopping there sometime soon.

Left Bank Books is a new and used book shop with a great selection considering the size. They specialize in political works, but had a great selection of fiction literature as well. I was especially ecstatic to notice that they had a small section that was specifically dedicated to beat literature, which is a personal favorite of mine.

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